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Sagstrom & Co

Hand- & fairmade ecological Lokta Wall Art. Made in Nepal designed in the Netherlands.

Sagstrom & Co is a collaboration between designers José Marcus & Rebecca Sagström. They wondered how they were able to contribute and make a difference in this world. Sagstrom & Co aims to create beautiful designs to enrich your home & world. Items that you can enjoy everyday while at the same time supporting Nepalese women and their families by providing them with an income. All of our items are handmade by artisans in Nepal. Every item is unique and sustainable.
These products are screen printed on Nepalese Lokta paper that is dried in the sun. The paper finds its origin from the inner bark of mountainous evergreen shrubs which has been loved for centuries for its ecological footprint.
Using water based ink, the created product is authentic, unique and foremost of eco-friendly quality.