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TOET Store

As an online entrepreneur, I am always on the lookout for unique products that have a good story to tell. Orderchamp is perfect for me because they only list selective brands on their platform, meaning that I am consistently shopping high quality products. I have already ordered from multiple stores and will keep doing so in the future!

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I used to always visit offline cash-and-carry centres. Not only was this a hassle, but I kept on seeing the same products time and time again. With Orderchamp, I have discovered so many new brands that I would have otherwise never discovered. Something that I really love about the platform is the option that many brands give to purchase products in small batches. This allows me to test out which products work well for my customers. Overall, a very valuable platform for my business!

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DA Amstelveen

I am so happy with Orderchamp - what a nice selection of products on their platform. As a new franchisee of DA, I was looking for unique products that would compliment our new concept. While purchasing new products for the store is one of the best parts of my job, it can also sometimes be the most time consuming. However, with Orderchamp, ordering products is done in an instant. So far, I have ordered from four different brands and I cannot wait to continue discovering more categories as they appear on the platform!

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