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Orderchamp BV
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About Orderchamp

Orderchamp is an online B2B marketplace that brings independent brands and retailers together to transform the wholesale experience. We believe that the outdated buying model of trade-fairs, on-the-road sales reps and cash&carry centers is in need of a digital revamp. Our aim is to provide cutting-edge technology to small and medium-sized business owners, previously exclusively available to large companies, to empower them to compete in a rapidly changing industry.

We stand for quality. On a daily basis, we find new one-of-a-kind suppliers and use machine learning to connect them with retailers. We take the guesswork out of the equation by unlocking the power of data for all. Leveraging our social platform to create interactions between both parties, our mandate is two-fold: 1) retailers can easily discover distinctive and high quality products and; 2) brands can quickly do business with new sellers in new regions. We want manufacturers and shop owners from around the world to interact and do business with one another. Our vision: a hassle-free wholesale experience.

Entrepreneurship and commerce runs through our veins; that’s why we are building this product for our customers. The majority of our team was responsible for SaaS ecommerce platform, SEOshop, which was acquired by Lightspeed before recently going public (TSX:LSPD). Orderchamp is based on the newest technology, is funded by top-tier investors, delivers on an ambitious roadmap, and is supported by a talented team.